A Change of Events

Thank you for following along with our time in Romania. Since 2016 we have bought a home and car, added a new dog and a beautiful baby girl to our family, and utterly fallen in love with our friends and community in Romania. Due to crazy circumstances, we have furloughed back to the United States … Continue reading A Change of Events

Harvest Games 2021

Previously known as “Grain Games”, harvest games came back this year for a double feature. In short, a family from Hungary comes with supplies and teaching plans. We provide the kids, the space, and the volunteers. The kids get gross, wet, and/or messy… and the leader teaches biblical principles based on the games played and … Continue reading Harvest Games 2021

Bucegi Mountains

After 10 years of marriage, four years of Romania life, and nine months of pregnancy, we had a beautiful little girl. Once we were all deemed healthy, we took a break and did our first family adventure. The drive was much longer than we expected but totally worth it. We drove two-and-a-half hours to a … Continue reading Bucegi Mountains