Harvest Games 2021

Previously known as “Grain Games”, harvest games came back this year for a double feature. In short, a family from Hungary comes with supplies and teaching plans. We provide the kids, the space, and the volunteers. The kids get gross, wet, and/or messy… and the leader teaches biblical principles based on the games played and … Continue reading Harvest Games 2021

Bucegi Mountains

After 10 years of marriage, four years of Romania life, and nine months of pregnancy, we had a beautiful little girl. Once we were all deemed healthy, we took a break and did our first family adventure. The drive was much longer than we expected but totally worth it. We drove two-and-a-half hours to a … Continue reading Bucegi Mountains

March Update

Preparing for the new member of our family, mission, life and adventures. We decided to have the child in Romania due to Covid concerns. Then, we decided to relocate the the large city (brasov) to a small apartment just a 5-10min walk from the private hospital providing our care. This move was exactly what we … Continue reading March Update