January 2020

January, We do not post much, but thank you for still watching our adventure and ministry here in Transylvania. I decided I would write a little bit about what it’s like here in January. The weather is cold, and it’s been foggy for a few days. There was ice this morning on the inside one … Continue reading January 2020

Grain game day 1

Day 1: It’s back! Day one planning is done, and we are caffeinated and ready to go. From my(Heather) perspective: Grain game is a four-day camp with games that correspond to scripture. It is messy but full of love and fun. It gives us, the volunteers and leaders, a chance to love on children from … Continue reading Grain game day 1

Family Camp

This summer, CSAKIS held its very first marriage camp. It was made up of four days of awesome food, fun games, counseling sessions, lectures, discussion groups, adventures, swimming, and naps if you were lucky. All fifty-some-odd of us went up into the mountains and stayed at a Panzio (a hotel, resort, and restaurant for groups … Continue reading Family Camp