Family Camp

This summer, CSAKIS held its very first marriage camp. It was made up of four days of awesome food, fun games, counseling sessions, lectures, discussion groups, adventures, swimming, and naps if you were lucky. All fifty-some-odd of us went up into the mountains and stayed at a Panzio (a hotel, resort, and restaurant for groups … Continue reading Family Camp

Artsy Horse camp

This year, well summer, will be filled with the camps, but I (Heather) am super excited about this one. It involves horses, crafts, and teenage girls! This is right up my ally. Csilla Spink hosts several horse-related camps throughout the summer, and I am honored and blessed to be invited this year as the art … Continue reading Artsy Horse camp

My cup overflows

Most weeks, I wait for a story… And try to blog about it. Of course the week is full of fun, interesting stories, and growing experiences. But, today was a little different. It was full. It was full of talking, playing, translating, serving, loving and learning. I am not sure where I want to start, … Continue reading My cup overflows