Oh wow, the year is almost over.

We got carried a way with life and did not post (since May! agh!). So, get ready for a quick recap!

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 12.23.23 PM.pngJuly: Richard and Heather, that’s us — this year we made it you our 7th anniversary. Wohoo! We found a great deal and went and spent sone time on the north-rock beach in Poland. It was awesome because all we did was eat, laugh, talk and relax. We recommend these ‘annual abandonment’ if you can ūüôā (From the rick warren quote)

“To avoid burnout: Divert Daily(whatever relaxes) Withdraw Weekly (a sabbath)¬†Abandon Annually (disconnect completely)Ps.127:2” – Rick Warren

August Highlight: The gross games mini-summer camp.

Although we were involved in other things over the summer, this may have been our most photogenic event. The organization we help combines games and illustrations with life lessons and gospel teachings. The kids love every minute, get fed, and get to enjoy being around friends and loving adults.

September Guests: First we had a chance to spend a small amount of time with an old friend and his wife. Then, My brother and his wife came for a visit.

Although we were rained in quite a bit, Chris and Claire (our brother/sis-in-law) did get to meet some of our friends.

Claire, Heather (me), our friend and her mother all made törtötkaposzta Рa traditional stuffed cabbage dish. We laughed a ton as I translated the mother-daughter conflicts and opinions. The meal ended up being amazing.

Also, during our adventures they tried other local cuisine:

Left: L√°ngos (long-osh) a fried pancake

Right: homemade potato bread

October adventures: we had a 3rd set of visitors. We were blessed to learnabout family heritage and explore the north of Scotland with Richards mom and step-dad.  They also came back for a relaxing time of meeting friends, eat and bird-watching.

Also in Romania…¬†I wanted to share how glad we are to have met friends here (Americans by chance) who teach seminary, live and love on people in the capital. Every time we visit, we enjoy the fellowship… and if we are lucky they show us new places like this cereal bar or cool coffee spots we can sit and talk at.

November РDecember Most of the time was spent State-side visiting our families and friends before coming back to the snow covered land we call home.

Merry Christmas and a Happy new year,

Richard and Heather van der Dys


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