My cup overflows

Most weeks, I wait for a story… And try to blog about it. Of course the week is full of fun, interesting stories, and growing experiences. But, today was a little different. It was full.

It was full of talking, playing, translating, serving, loving and learning. I am not sure where I want to start, but I’ll share a few highlights to maybe fill your cup as well.

We have a group of visitors here this week and they are helping lower a ceiling to help an older lady heat and after-school house. Two ladies and I walked to see the teachers home. As I helped translate we learned about her family, her late husband, and her kids. She talked about her home, how she lives in one room, and how she is so grateful for everything in her life. And then she said this, loosely translated:

I watch the TV and see people helping others. When Ben told me people would come to help me, I did not believe him. I asked him to pinch me. But, they came. And, they are fast!

She said one sentence after that, but I was a little too blown away to comprehend and translate.

Then, since that was a mouthful, I will share some photos from our English class.

That was all before 3pm. Then we visited two more older women in our village, Richard and I went to a family group bible study, and I ended the night with a long, deep-conversation with a good friend.


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