English lesson gone logical

For almost a year now, one of our afterschool programs has had a programming class. It is wonderful that Richard and Ben get to teach kids programming, and they have done a really good job so far. The problem is the kids don’t think very logically, they haven’t learned that… And then you pile on English and Hungarian translations. It makes everything a little difficult.

So Wednesday, in their English class we learned our first if-then statement.

If the apple is red and the flower is the same color as the Apple, the flower is…

I was impressed, although it took a while to get through the unlearned vocabulary words such as ‘then’ and ‘same as.’ The lesson went way better than expected.

As a reward for for this quick amount of learning, we played a round of uno. During the game, I asked a few questions… Logical statements. To my surprise some the kids could actually complete the statement.

My favorite part was when I asked if they understood, and they said yes… Then I asked if it was too much English, and a few of them chuckled and said yes 🙂


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