Well Water!

Ever since we bought our property here in Almás, we have wanted to test out the old, over-grown well. Covered with wood planks and a tree, we could barely tell what it was. With no time to mess with it, it sat for a year before we decided to drop a pump and check the quality of the water.

My friend Ben recommended a vibrating water pump, which I found online easily. Then we bought a heavy duty hose and extension cord. Hooking everything up was really simple. After everything was tied up and tightened properly, we dropped it in.


Our (very old and sweet) neighbor just happened to see me working outside and wanted to know what I was doing, as always. After I figured out how to translate everything, she was really excited. She mentioned that “in the old days” the water from this well was really good and clean.


Once the pump was just under the surface of the water, I plugged it in and we waited a couple minutes then… boom! Water! I seemed quite clean for a well which had not been cleaned for decades.

We are surprised and quite happy how simple the process was. We hope to test the water soon and possibly even hook it up to a filter to make drinking water.


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